Built-In Datasets

geosnap has a lightweight installation footprint (the codebase clocks in at 174KB), but it also has access to several large, built-in datasets transparently, thanks to quilt. We host a variety of U.S. Census, landsat imagery, and OSM road network data in our public quilt bucket, and geosnap has convenience methods for building Community datasets from them.

All built-in datasets are available as methods on the geosnap.DataStore class. For more information, see the Getting Started tutorial

To keep its slender profile, geosnap is conservative about storing these data locally. By default, when you use built-in data, it is streamed from s3 via quilt. We store the data as efficient parquet files, and quilt provides access to them via Amazon’s open data cloud. This means that streaming data is relatively fast and efficient.

If you plan to make repeated queries, or you need offline access to the data, geosnap also has functions for caching all the data locally (see the Getting Started tutorial). Since we store everything in parquet, local storage is still highly efficient, and geosnap will use appdirs to determine the best place to store the data on your machine.

Tabular Data

To view the codebook for geosnap’s builtin datasets, use


which will return a pandas.DataFrame of variable names, definitions, formulas for intermediate variables, and translations to original sources. All variables are collected via the U.S. Census Bureau from either the decennial census, the American Community Survey, or the Longitudinal Employment Household Dynamics dataset.

Geo Data



Blocks 2000


Blocks 2010


Tracts 1990

https://github.co m/loganpowell/census-geojson/tree/master/GeoJSON/500k/1990

Tracts 2000

https://github.co m/loganpowell/census-geojson/tree/master/GeoJSON/500k/2000

Tracts 2010

https://github.co m/loganpowell/census-geojson/tree/master/GeoJSON/500k/2010

MSA Defi nitions

https: //www2.census.gov/programs-surveys/metro-micro/geographies /reference-files/2018/delineation-files/list1_Sep_2018.xls

In flation Adj ustment